The "capitals" of Emilia Romagna

Itinerary of 8 days / 7 nights
Cultural itinerary with stops and accommodation in farms

  • 1st  Day:

    Piacenza - Fidenza - Parma - Torrechiara

    Our itinerary starts from Piacenza, the westernmost city of the region.
    The morning will be dedicated to the visit of the historic city center.
    Departure for Parma, with a stop for lunch in Fidenza in one of our farms.
    After lunch, continuation for Parma: the whole afternoon will be dedicated to the discovery of the most symbolic aspects of this elegant city.
    Departure for Torrechiara, well known for the majestic castle. The accommodation will be in one of our farms.
    Typical dinner with local cured meats and particular flavor combinations  like polenta(cornmeal mush) and Saba (grape syrup) or chocolate and red wine.

  • 2nd Day:

    Torrechiara - Reggio Emilia - Correggio

    Breakfast at the farm, followed by the visit to the castle of Torrechiara.
    We will then leave for Reggio Emilia, the city of the Tricolore (three-colors flag).
    Autonomous lunch, with the possibility to taste some of the local specialties such as the erbazzone (spinach and cheese filled pie), cappelletti (similar to tortellini), rice cake, served with a good glass of Lambrusco wine.
    Continuation for Correggio, where we will check-in the farm where we will sleep and have dinner.

  • 3rd Day:

    Correggio - Modena - Piumazzo

    Breakfast at the farm and short walk in the center of Correggio, to visit compulsorily by foot.
    We will then leave for Modena, enogastronomic capital and land of motors, where we'll visit the historic center, UNESCO world heritage site.
    We will be able to take a journey in the atmosphere of the Ferrari myth, dedicating one hour to the visit of the MEF – Museum of Enzo Ferrari.
    Autonomous lunch and, at the end of the visits, we will move towards Bologna and check-in the farm.
    Dinner and accommodation.

  • 4th Day:

    Piumazzo - Bologna - Minerbio

    Breakfast at the farm and departure for Bologna, capital of the region.
    One day will not be enough to visit this wonderful city...
    Autonomous lunch, in a restaurant, a typical trattoria or at the farm not far from the city center.
    At the end of this intense day we will go towards Ferrara and stop in a farm in Minerbio.
    Dinner and accommodation.

  • 5th Day:

    Minerbio - Ferrara - Verso Ravenna

    Breakfast at the farm and departure for Ferrara, the second of the Emilian cities to be in the UNESCO list.
    Autonomous lunch.
    In the late afternoon, departure towards Ravenna, with the possibility of settling in various farms in the area, for dinner and accommodation.

  • 6th Day:

    Ravenna - Magliano

    Breakfast at the farm and departure for Ravenna, the third city of Emilia-Romagna in the UNESCO.
    Autonomous lunch.
    At the end of the visits we will settle in one of our farms for dinner and accommodation.

  • 7th Day:

    Magliano - Forlì - Cesena - Savignano sul Rubicone

    Breakfast at the farm and departure for Forlì.
    A stop has to be done to taste the delicious piadine typical of this areas! Then off again for  Cesena.
    After Cesena we continue for Savignano Sul Rubicone, to settle in the farm.

  • 8th Day:

    Savignano sul Rubicone - Rimini - Cervia

    Breakfast at the farm and departure for Rimini, last stop of our itinerary across the region.
    For lunch we can take advantage of a few farms where, we can stop and relax a bit, or move to Cervia to visit the saltworks.

Our trip ends here, but it was only a taste of what the Region and, each Province can offer!