From Bologna to Ferrara

Itinerary of 3 days and 2 nights
Motors, castles, flavors and nature!

  • 1st Day:

    Borgo Panigale - Bologna - Dozza - Castel San Pietro Terme

    Our itinerary starts from Borgo Panigale, where we'll visit the Ducati factory and its museum.

    We will then go towards the center of Bologna, for a walk across the streets where the most important medieval and historical buildings rise, on the search and discovery of the typical foods of this city: we will stop in one of the oldest food shops to taste the local products that made the history of Bologna; we will visit the medieval market where tastings of IGP mortadella, pork scratchings, dried sausage and so on. An inevitable demonstration of the “Sfogline” on how the typical Emilian pasta is prepared: tortellini, tagliatelle, lasagne...

    Autonomous lunch, in a restaurant or in a typical trattoria, or else at the farm not far from the center.

    In the afternoon  we will go to Dozza, one of Italy's  most beautiful medieval towns where, after an enjoyable stroll through its streets, we will enter the fortress of the Sforza family: the cellar houses the regional wine bar of Emilia-Romagna, with 800 labels and local products.

    Visit to the “Assirelli” winery, which produces colli imolesi wines  DOC, DOCG, DOP and IGT such as Pignoletto, Trebbiano, Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Barbera, Cabernet-Sauvignon.
    Tasting and chance to buy your favorite products.

    We will then settle in  Castel San Pietro Terme for dinner and accommodation in one of the farms associated with Turismo Verde.

  • 2nd Day:

    Minerbio - Ferrara - Quartesana - Ostellato

    After breakfast departure for Ferrara.

    Stop in Minerbio to visit the Isolani fortress and in Soverzano, the marvelous Manzoli Castle.

    Arrived at Ferrara, we will visit it by bicycle the most common mean of transport here!
    There are a lot of bike lanes, some of which on itineraries of touristic interest  both in the city center and in the surrounding parks.

    We then go towards Ferrara's lowlands, stopping in Quartesana at the “Fattoria La Bozzola”  farm to taste self-produced cured meats and cold cuts, among which the typical Salama da Sugo of Ferrara.

    The day will end in Ostellato, at the “Villaggio Natura Valli di Ostellato”  where we can taste eel, salama da sugo, Bosco wine, filled pasta, tagliatelle, dumplings, sculpit plants, grilled meat, the valley fry, herbal liqueurs, brandies and wines of the sands of the Eliceo woods DOC (vini delle sabbie del Bosco Eliceo DOC), wines grown on the sandy dunes of the coast, from which Fortana, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc are obtained.

    Dinner and accommodation

  • 3rd Day:

    Ostellato - Pomposa - Comacchio

Breakfast at the farm and departure for Pomposa, to visit the abbey.

We then go towards Comacchio to spend the day  discovering the Regional Park of the Po Delta, UNESCO World Heritage site, and in particular the Comacchio valleys, one of the most important lagoon complexes in Italy and Europe.
In addition to the visit to the city center, it is possible to take a boat ride through the valleys, during which we can visit the Casoni, typical constructions for the fishermen that lived here during the fishing season and the lavorieri, the sophisticated system of sluices used in the past to capture eels.

There will be the possibility to have lunch in one of the many dining options and savor the fish-based dishes, prepared according to the local tradition: sea food appetizers, risottos and fish soups, marinated  and grilled eels, mussels and clams, valley and fish fries...all served with “Coppia Ferrarese” IGP, a type of sourdough bread shaped like an “X”, and is made from two long pieces of dough, knotted together and twisted at its four ends.

Our itinerary ends here.