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The castles of the dukedom of Parma
and Piacenza:

history, wine and food
From Reggio Emilia to Modena:
motors, nature, flavors and excellencies!
From Bologna to Ferrara:
history, castles, good taste and nature!
The trails of flavors and wines
through history and the small towns of Romagna
The “capitals” of Emilia Romagna

Why should I choose agritourism?

  • Because it represents an escape from the stress of the cities and it allows you to dip into the nature recharging your energy;

  • It's a romantic holyday, but it's also perfect for children, who will love to discover nature and animals' habits;

  • If you're an "agritourist" you can eat genuine food, grown in the farm where you're spending your time and slowly cooked;

  • You aren't too far from cities, you can have a quick stop there to visit museums, have fun attending a concert and so on while staying in the countryside;


Turismo verde emilia romagna promuove le vacanze all'aria aperta

Then, agritourism is definitely more friendly than staying in an hotel. Say goodbye to the impersonal self service: here you can talk with the farm's owners, you have homemade cakes and jams for breakfast, you can help in the everyday routine (for example, your children can learn how to feed the animals, how to milk, how to pick up fruits, etc.).

Italy is the perfect place to visit doing agritourism. In this website you can have a sample of one of the most beautiful and cozy Italian region, Emilia Romagna, and you can find out what it can offer you.